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From the The Physiologist, Vol. 43, No. 2, April 2000, p. 82
Ohio Physiological Society Holds Annual Meeting

The Ohio Physiological Society held its annual meeting at Miami University on November 12, 1999. Forty-seven individuals pre-registered for this meeting, and there were over 50 physiologists in attendance. Our keynote speaker and APS lecturer was Margarita Dubocovich from Northwestern University. Her presentation was “Expression, signaling and function of neuronal melatonin receptors.” Other speakers were: Carole M. Liedtke and Amy L. Wilson, Case Western Reserve University; Nelson D. Horseman, University of Cincinnati; Lakshmi Pulakat, Bowling Green State University; Javier Stern and Norma Adragna, Wright State University; and Jack Rall, Ohio State University. In addition, there were 20 poster presentations by graduate students and faculty from Bowling Green State University; Case Western Reserve University; Medical College of Ohio, Toledo; Miami University; Northeastern Ohio Universities College of Medicine; and Wright State University. The meeting was organized by Phyllis Callahan, President, along with Peter K. Lauf, Treasurer, and Norma Adragna, Past-President. Dee Childress (Wright State University) and Joni Robinson (Miami University) provided secretarial and administrative assistance. During the business meeting we discussed next year’s meeting, which will be held at Ohio State University and will be coordinated by Jack Rall.

The meeting at Miami University was supported by registration fees and membership dues, as well as financial support from the College of Arts and Sciences, The Office for the Advancement of Scholarship and Teaching, The Graduate School and the Department of Zoology at Miami University, the American Physiological Society, and Fisher Scientific. In part due to this support, we were able to offer free registration to 27 graduate students.

Phyllis Callahan
Miami University